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CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor
CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor
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CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor image 3
CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor image 4
CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor image 5
CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor image 6
CLAAS  ARION 420 wheel tractor image 7
Model ARION 420
Type wheel tractor
Year of manufacture 2016
First registration 2016
Running hours 5006 m/h
Location Slovenia
Placed on more than 1 month
Seller stock ID A3201614
Speed 40 km/h
Brand FPT NEF 4
Power 95 HP (69.83 kW)
Condition used
More details
A32/200 ARION 420
TH_102_3421 420/70 R24 Michelin Omnibib / fixed rim
TH_102_3421 420/70 R24 Michelin Omnibib / fixed rim
TH_103_5821 520/70 R34 Michelin Omnibib / fixed rim
TH_103_5821 520/70 R34 Michelin Omnibib / fixed rim
TH_B02_0010 Front weight carrier 115 kg
TH_B04_0000 Without linkage-mounted weight block
TH_B06_0000 Without front PTO
TH_B10_0020 Front loader brackets for FLEXPILOT
TH_B14_0000 Not relevant
TH_B16_0010 Bonnet protector bar
TH_I02_0000 Without control terminal
TH_I10_0000 Without ISOBUS equipment
TH_I12_0010 Additional operating panel for hydraulic functions
TH_I22_0000 Not prepared for AUTO PILOT/GPS PILOT
TH_I24_0000 Without SAT 900 GNSS receiver
TH_I26_0000 Without TELEMATICS
TH_I28_0000 Without terminal
TH_J02_0050 Rear linkage, electrohydraulic, 4.5 t
TH_J04_0300 Lower links, cat. 3 with hook
TH_J06_0200 2 lower link stabilisers, mechanical
TH_J08_0130 Top link, cat. 3/2 with hook
TH_J10_0020 Piton fix
TH_J14_0020 Swinging drawbar
TH_J16_0101 Rear clevis, rotating and height-adjustable
TH_J18_0030 Ball set, cat. 3/2
TH_J40_0030 Hydraulic brakes.
TH_K02_0091 Open centre hydraulics, 100 l/min
TH_K04_0100 2 spool valves, mechanical
TH_K10_0000 Without front hydraulic outlets
TH_K12_0000 Without Power Beyond
TH_N02_0010 QUADRISHIFT transmission
TH_N04_0200 Transmission ratio 40 km/h
TH_N06_0100 Front axle, standard
TH_N08_0100 Rear axle, standard
TH_N10_0020 PTO: 540/540 ECO + 1000 rpm
TH_N14_0010 PTO stubs, 21 splines and 6 splines, 1 3/8"
TH_N22_0247 Front mudguards, pivoting, 470 mm
TH_N26_0000 Without wheel spacers for rear axle
TH_N30_0010 PTO control, rear
TH_N32_0000 Without automatic PTO engagement/disengagement, rear
TH_P02_0020 95 hp rated output, 100 hp max. output, ECE R 120
TH_P04_0010 Without diesel pre-filter
TH_P06_0010 Without battery master switch
TH_P08_0010 Red diesel
TH_P10_0000 Without cold start kit
TH_Q02_0030 6-pillar PANORAMIC cab
TH_Q04_0210 PANORAMIC roof
TH_Q08_0020 Rear window wiper
TH_Q14_0015 Mirrors: 2 external, 1 internal and 1 hitch
TH_Q18_0000 Without lateral mudguard extensions
TH_Q20_0010 Screen mounting rail
TH_Q30_0000 Without additional interface sockets
TH_Q40_0001 Without high-level headlights
TH_Q44_0150 Work lights: 2 x bonnet, 4 x front and 4 x rear
TH_R00_0000 Colour, seed green
TH_R04_0130 Driver's seat, fabric, air suspension
TH_R06_0020 Passenger seat with safety belt
TH_R08_0010 Air conditioning
TH_R10_0020 MP3 radio
TH_R12_0000 Without cooler compartment
TH_R20_0000 Without dynamic steering
TH_S01_0140 Sticker 40 km/h
TH_S02_0001 Sticker, standard
TH_S04_0010 Right-hand drive
TH_S06_0021 Rotating warning beacon, left
TH_S08_0001 Equipment - European Union
TH_T02_0010 Truck transport
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